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GRP Roofing in Brighton, Sussex

GRP Roofing is ideal for all types of Roofs inc:
Flat Roofs Extensions, Garage Roofs, Bay Windows, Dormers, Warm Roofs, Cold Roofs, Almost any Type of Roof.

GRP roofing is becoming more & more popular.

Our GRP flat roofing system is 100% seamless and watertight.

Our system is commonly used in domestic properties as a replacement for old-fashioned built-up felt roofs which begin to degrade as soon as they have been installed.

The long-term benefits are what really counts as your new roof is maintenance free and no matter what the weather your home is protected for a very long time.

We are finding that a great number of Architects are now specifying our systems on their new designs because of its great finish and ability to neatly overcome any complexities in the building process.

Skylights and ventilation systems i.e. mushroom vents can be added and the fibreglass is taken up the sides to ensure a completely watertight seal.

So if your flat roof is leaking or in desperate need of a makeover, then why not do it right and go for a fibreglass flat roof, they are seamless and look amazing when done right. If you want to have a new roof replacement then contact us today for a free no obligation quotation.